Feature Friday: Colette Levesque

March 09, 2018

1 Thing you still have from your childhood?

My baseball glove.

2. Spirit animal?

A wolf!

3. Something you like to do outside of work?

Drink cappuccinos and talk with my friends at cute sunny cafés.

4. Hidden talent?


5. Dream job other than working in film?

Architecture or design--something to do with building and crafting.

6. Favorite scent?

Lavender or teakwood.

7. If you were a juice, what would be in it?

Fresh squeezed orange juice!

8. First job?

Worked at a laser tag place.

9. Favorite possession?

My plants.

10. Best way to eat an avocado?

On a salad, or toast! Or on a sando. Or if you're desperate, in half with salt and some nutritional yeast!