Citrix - RHB Switzerland

May 13, 2014

We were fotunate to end 2013 with one of our favorite production jobs to date! We travelled over to St. Moritz, Switzerland to tell the story of how the Rhaetian Railway, which is one of the most sophisticated train lines that traverses over extreme terrain, uses Citrix to enhance their mobility and workflow. With Brandon Loper at the helm and Devin Whetstone behind the camera, we set off to capture some pretty magnificent imagery and in the process tell a rather interesting story of how this technology enhances their day-to-day workflow. Thank you to our friends at SkySightRC for the aerial help, thank you to our local production support, Great Pictures, and Mathius Muller for using his "Mats Magic" to pull off the impossible. Most of all thanks to the whole team at Y&R who were a pleasure to travel and work with.